How does INVINITIV see the future? And how do we act on this?

The INVINITIV group consists of the following subsidiaries: PolderValley, ExplainiT IT2IT and The Backbone. We have been founded in the year 2000, and since then we have constantly developed ourselves while utilizing every change in our domain by creating progressive solutions and products. Technological developments have been moving quickly. Current and future challenges for organizations have more and more to do with the alignment of business and IT. INVINITIV’s vision and the induced domain are connected to this development, where business is the leading factor and the set-up of IT is the utilization.


This entails the entire process nowadays of changes inspired by technological developments. This has led to new trends such as the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Industry 4.0, Machine-to-Machine Communication and Augmented Reality.

Digital transformation

This describes the way organizations face traditional challenges by making use of technological developments instead of using traditional methods.

Digital Performance

It is necessary to experience the best digital transformation possible and accordingly add to business performance. Organizations should offer customers, employees and partners the best digital experience possible. End-user insights correct (working) processes, the right skills from employees, and a flexible IT environment are key factors to achieving this. It is essential to ensure internal, and external, end-users are skillful, involved and positive at all times. Only then, the everyday business can perform optimally, and changes can be implemented successfully.


INVINITIV wants to develop and implement intelligent software and services which are globally competitive within the Digital Performance domain, with a motivated group of people.

Our organizations

INVINITIV is a group of four subsidiaries who offer products / services within the Digital Performance domain.
PolderValley is part of INVINITIV

Intelligent software for Digital Performance

PolderValley develops software applications in the Application Performance Monitoring (APM) subdomain. Namely, the Productivity Performer (DEM), the End2End Performer (STM) and the Service Management Connector (AIops).

ExplainiT is part of INVINITIV

Agile organizations for Digital Performance

ExplainiT is an organization that provides training and consultancy. ExplainiT trains and coaches organizations, teams, and employees to achieve digital agility, adoption and assurance. By adding new features to applications, business and collaboration is becoming more efficient.

To work efficiently, and remain effective, organizations, teams and employees are expected to possess agility and skills. To develop and preserve this agility it is necessary to remain trained in the workings of IT-applications, Scrum-Agile methods, and behavioral skills from the ITMB-model (IT, Methods & Behavior).

IT2IT is part of INVINITIV

Hybride IT-Infrastructure for Digital Performance

IT2IT designs and implements hybrid IT-infrastructures which support organizations’ applications and websites. The IT-landscape at organizations is complex and dynamic. Even more so due to the arising of more cloud related patforms and applications. A good architecture, implementation and management of these mostly hybrid environments is crucial for Digital Performance.

The Backbone is part of INVINITIV

Monitoring solutions for Digital Performance

The Backbone specializes in the implemention and support of IT-monitoring environments at large and complex organizations. Setting up a monitoring environment is a challenge. Which tools should be used? Which skills are required from employees? And what is the information need when I am going to set up the monitoring? Furthermore, the organizational embedding in the management organization is a very important element. Due to the unique characteristics of organizations and IT-departments not one monitoring setup is the same. Thanks to many years of experience and focus on this specific subdomain, The Backbone has the expertise to provide a practical and succesful implementation. Monitoring tools which are focused on are Microsoft SCOM and Azure Monitor.

Shared technology

The connecting technologies within INVINITIV:


INVINITIV is active in the Digital Performance domain. Within this domain we have developed several products:

End-User Performance (EUP)

The EUP (End-User Performance) an STM tool built on Microsoft SCOM which serves as an on-premise product and is offered as a Saas solution. Simulations are developed using scripts and acquired meta-data is transformed to information using an intelligent “management pack”.

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End2End Performer (EP)

The End2End Performer is a Synthetic Transaction Monitoring (STM) tool available as Software as as Service (Saas). With the End2End Performer you will receive up-to-date and reliable measurements of IT-services and applications, including measurements from the end users’ perspective. The simulations are registred using an intelligent recorder. With this information, u have the possibility to determine baselines for IT-services to support SLA’s / XLA’s. Undesired deviations from the baselines are detected 24/7 and notified in a considered manner.

Product coming soon

Productivity Performer (PP)

The Productivity Performer is a Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) tool. The tool generates and checks application-workinstructions for user-guides, manuals and e-learning content. Using the Productivity Perfomer leads to uniform ways of warking, efficient on-boarding and knowledge retainment. The underlying technology constantly checks whether the application-workinstructions are still correct and if this is not the case, a notification shows exactly where the deviation is. In this way, user-guides, manuals and e-learning content remain up-to-date and reliable.

Product coming soon

Service Management Connector (SMC)

The Service Management Connector (SMC) is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool for IT operations (AIops). At the moment there is an application which bidirectionally integrates SCOM and PRTG with the service management application TOPdesk. Monitoring notifications from SCOM and PRTG are automatically transformed to incident cards in TOPdesk. We market the product under the name TOPdesk-Connector. Changes applied to an incident card also automatically lead to a change in the unresolved monitoring alert.

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As INVINITIV we focus our services on the following:

Setting up and supporting an IT-monitoring environment

Setting up a monitoring environment is a fair challenge. Which tools should be used? Which skills are required? What does the user want to see? How does embedding take place? Who solves issues? These are only a few of many questions related to IT-monitoring. Every organization, and their IT-department, are unique. But with our years of expertise, we our able to apply our knowledge in practice, in every situation.

Architecure and project implementation of hybrid IT-infrastructure environments

The IT-landscape is complex and dynamic. Due to this, a good architecture, implementation, and management of the mostly hybrid environment are crucial for Digital Performance.

Training and coaching to realize digital agility, adoption, and assurance

By adding new features to applications, business and collaboration is becoming more efficient. To work effectively, and remain effective, organizations, teams and employees are expected to possess agility and skills. To develop and preserve this agility it is necessary to remain trained in the workings of IT-applications, Scrum-Agile methods and behavioral skills from the ITMB-model (IT, Methods & Behavior).

About us


INVINITIV originates as a spin-off from the University of Twente and consists of four collaborating subsidiaries: PolderValley, ExplainiT, IT2IT and The Backbone. From the INVINITIV office in Hengelo (visible from the A1), 100 commited employees are working within the Digital Performance domain. Since the founding in 2000, we have always positioned ourselves as an innovative and dependable group of specialists. INVINITIV strives to obtain synergies and complementary benefits for our national and international clients The foundation of INVINITIV’s services are deeply rooted within the following core values:

Customer centricity, Entrepeneurship, Added value, Excelling, and Professionalism.

Financial stability is a requirement for INVINITIV to be innovative and remain distinctive. INVINITIV substantially invests in R&D and works together with the University of Twente as well as various commercial partners through knowledge exchange and co-creation of products. Each organization within INVINITIV has a balanced combination of products, markets, and technologies. An important challenge for us in the coming years is to optimally reacht to changes in our markets and technology. Our mission, vision, strategy, culture, and operations must be so good and challenging, that they attract top talents to come and join us. We are proud of what we are doing, and a way we show this is by offering many oppertunities to academic talents from our region.

Career opportunities

INVINITIV as an employer!


We believe it is important that everyone within INVINITIV understand why we want to achieve certain goals. Besides this, every colleague has the opportunity to make his/her own decisions and to help in the achieving of these goals. “Freedom means that an employee thinks and acts on behalf of the organization”.


As an INVINITIV employee you strive to constantly improve yourself in a professional way. If you have the motivation, you can continue to expand your knowledge, and develop new skills. People who seek mastery, focus on their personal development above other things on other to be significant: “The urge to get better and better at something that matters”.


Business Purpose: 

INVINITIV wishes to excel as an organization. This means that INVINITIV is commonly recognized for the professional approach, drive, customer-centricity, and our agile ability to make a change to the domain wherein we are active. The core of INVINITIV consists of the right people who our working with us, and the processes they have designed in order to reflect professionalism. This is what we believe in and demonstrate.

Domain Purpose:

INVINITIV strives to demonstrate professionalism and agility within the Digital Performance domain. By doing so, changes within the domain are seized upon and we respond quickly to changes in the markets’ demand. Organizations who wish to improve their Digital Performance work with INVINITIV to obtain concrete, pragmatic, and effective solutions. Innovation, the ability to force change, and stable product/market combinations ensure financial stability which enables us to continue investing in talent and R&D to start sustainable relationships with clients.